Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester

11:45-12:00        Course registration

12:00-13:00        Lunch

13:00-15:00        Industry 4.0 and analytics;  Analytical strategies – trending and modeling;  Which methods for which data

15:00-15:20        Tea/coffee

15:20-17:30        Multivariate analysis and machine learning and AI; Process monitoring program – what, how and when;  Manufacturing Intelligence

“Across industries one of the main challenges in the manufacturing processes is to monitor and control variation. Successful variation control ensures predictable production and accompanying business benefits. Recently there have been major developments in sensor technology allowing an increasing number of inline and online measurements. Together with improvements in IT infrastructure and technology, the sensor development contributes to rapid growth in the data available for any process. The big data challenge requires suitable timely analytics to enable each factory to make the most of the opportunities the new paradigm is offering. A common label for this challenge is Industry 4.0.

Analytics is a key component within Industry 4.0. Relevant actionable results are required, and these results must be available for the control system in a timely manner. Multivariate methods are well established and proven useful within process monitoring. Lately there have also been a number of applications where machine learning and AI have been considered. The choice of method depends on the type of data available and the purpose of the analytics.

In this training the challenges and opportunities for monitoring and control within the big data paradigm are reviewed. The focus is on analytics and integration within the manufacturing process. The underlying question which we are trying to answer is how to create and apply manufacturing intelligence.”

This course will be facilitated by Geir Rune Flaten, CAMO Analytics

This pre-conference course will be held on  the afternoon of 29th April 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester.

If attending pre-conference course only registration is £300.  If attending the APACT 19 Conference course registration is reduced to £150.

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