Webinar on

Effective de-risking of process scale-up: the Britest approach

Wednesday 17th April at 3 pm (UK time)


Britest has developed a methodology to support risk assessment in the scale-up of chemical processes. This approach enables systematic assessment of the potential risks and opportunities arising when scaling up or transferring a process to a different site or equipment train.  It can be used from very early stages of development, providing meaningful guidance based on limited data.  The output enables the building of a risk register and supports the identification of knowledge gaps that must be addressed in order to enable trouble-free technology transfer or scale-up.  It may also be used to identify opportunities for the implementation of alternative process options that deliver a more efficient whole process.  A case study will be presented illustrating the application of the methodology and the advantages gained from doing so.

Charles Gordon, Britest Ltd, will present this webinar which will last no longer than one hour.


If you wish to register please contact Christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk

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