CPACT Studentships


CPACT, the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology, is an industry/academic consortium dedicated to the development and application of process analytics and control technology (PACT).  CPACT is keen to encourage PhD research in topics relating to PACT and is offering up to five £10K bursaries to assist with the funding of new PhD studentships in CPACT Universities.  The projects must be in the areas of interest to CPACT’s members.  For example:

  1. Process Analysis
  2. Chemometrics
  3. Process performance monitoring
  4. Process Control

Projects that have the support of more than one CPACT member company are likely to be preferred and researchers should discuss proposals at an early stage with the CPACT Technical Director, Prof. Julian Morris (, or CPACT member company representatives (  

To apply for these studentships, please email the following information to

Details required:

  • Title of project
  • The supervisors and affiliation
  • Brief summary of the project (maximum 500 words)
  • Expected benefits to industrial process analysis and control (maximum 200 words)
  • Sources of other funding (agreed or prospective)
  • Anticipated start and end dates of the project

The  deadline for applications is  31st October 2017.

CPACT will aim to give an answer to applications in 10 – 20 working days of acknowledging receipt.  If approved, evidence of the other sources of funding needed to create the full PhD studentship will be required before funds are transferred.

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