CPACT Internship Scheme Launched

CPACT will introduce an Internship Scheme for the summer of 2019. The purpose of the scheme is to encourage top-class undergraduate students to develop interests in areas of science and engineering that have relevance to process analysis, process optimisation, monitoring and control, and data analysis.


Nature of the project

The internship scheme should be considered a lower level version of the Feasibility Study scheme, with the topic of the internship being perhaps less challenging and more appropriate for undergraduate students to undertake. This aspect will be carefully monitored at the applications stage.

As with the Feasibility Study scheme, an academic and a CPACT company representative should devise the project, which should be on a topic of mutual interest in the broad areas of process analysis, process optimisation, monitoring and control, and data analysis.


Amount provided by CPACT

CPACT will award £2000 to each approved Internship proposal. It is anticipated that the period of an Internship will be 8 weeks or thereabouts. At least 5 internships will be awarded for 2019. It is likely that most Internships will take place in university labs, with running costs provided by the supervisor’s department.


Optional additional contributions

Industry contributions would not be required under these circumstances. However, if a company or other 3rd party can provide additional funds, this could allow the Internship to be of longer duration, or take place at a company (provided living costs are covered) or provide additional resources for higher cost projects or where visits to a different location (with associated travel costs) would assist the project and student.


Eligible students

Students who are between their penultimate and final year at undergraduate level are the main target group, but we would probably not exclude excellent students at an earlier stage of their course or those who are in between the final year at UG level and starting e.g. postgraduate study.


Application process Applications for Internships starting summer 2019 should be made by completing the Internship Application Form and submit by 31st March 2019. Successful proposals will be announced mid April 2019. This will allow adequate time for supervisors to select the intern. The industrial supervisor should be given the opportunity to be involved in the selection of the student.

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