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"Clairet Scientific Ltd was keen to join CPACT to keep abreast with the latest research in Process Analytics and Control and to contribute to the future of the technology.

We are very pleased to work alongside key researchers and industrial practitioners of process control technology.

We are also delighted to contribute instrumentation for CPACT's research as all of our products represent the state of the art in their field. Our technologies include FTIR, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, Mass spectroscopy and Terahertz spectroscopy"

Dr John Andrews

About Clairet Scientific

We are suppliers of all the major molecular spectroscopy techniques with a focus on PAT - on-line, at-line and near-line measurements:

FTIR: fibre-probe, direct coupled  and laboratory instruments, for solids, liquids and gases.

NIR:  FT-NIR and Diode Array NIR: process,  at-line and research systems for solids and liquids.

Raman:  process, process research, microscopy, low wavenumber (“THz”) Raman and materials ID.

UV-Visible: single and multi-channel process and laboratory fibre-coupled systems.

Terahertz: spectroscopy, fibre-coupled and imaging systems.

Mass Spectroscopy: quadrupole MS for process control and industrial applications.


Our skills are based around applying these techniques to on-line, at-line and near-line measurements as well as reaction monitoring and control, both in the lab and in the plant. Our breadth of products and experience means that we can advise on both the best technique for a specific application and the relative strengths and weaknesses of multiple techniques.

We have wide experience in obtaining spectra from processes (not always as easy as it sounds!), using probes or other innovative techniques for sample measurements.  We also develop simple, robust sampling techniques for moving lab analysis to the line. Obtaining  representative, reliable and repeatable sample spectra is the key to accurate quantitative results and a successful  PAT project

We have expertise in quantitative analysis using multivariate and univariate  approaches in all of the techniques we supply, to produce and then support robust models generating the required output from the analyser.

We have expertise in communications protocols to deliver the measurement result to it’s point of use: DCS or operator interface, using 4-20mA, MODBUS, OPC etc.

We have expertise in packaging instruments for use in hazardous or hostile environments, ATEX certification and fibre-optic remote sampling.

We have skills in supplying systems for cGMP compliant operation for regulated industries.

We like our customers and as well as a professional experience they generally find it a both a pleasure and fun to work with us!

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Dr John Andrews

Dr John Andrews
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