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CPACT membership gives us access to an unparalleled network of expertise in process analytics and control and a forum for discussion with leaders in the field. We look forward to gaining more opportunities for collaboration and better visibility of our work here in Singapore.

Paul Sharratt, Head Process Science and Modeling, ICES

About Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences

ICES is a national research institute under Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) with the mandate to establish a strong science base, to develop technology and infrastructure and also to provide highly trained R&D manpower to support future growth of the process industries.

CPACT related research interests

Process technology innovation is a domain to which ICES is committed , with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and its related technologies forming part of this R&D thrust. PAT is applied in a variety of areas such as crystallization, studying chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, kilo-scale processes, biological systems, inline process monitoring and control.

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