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CPACT offers the opportunity to meet with recognised experts in the field of process control, understand their particular problems, and benefit from their experience.

Dr Tim Stephens

About KEIT Spectrometers

Based outside of Oxford, England, Keit provides a compact and rugged FTIR spectrometer for in-line process monitoring of industrial processes with liquids and slurries.  The vibration-resistant FTIR spectrometer can be mounted directly onto manufacturing vessels for real-time and continuous process monitoring in the harshest of manufacturing environments.

The instrument was originally developed for the space program based on a novel optical design making it inherently smaller, lighter and more rugged – able to function despite extreme vibration which is the opposite of the standard FTIR equipment. Keit Spectrometer’s goal is to help people make decisions on the production floor through better process monitoring technology -- for better yields and process optimization in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-renewable, Oil & Gas and Food & Beverage industries.  

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Telephone +44 (0)1235 567176

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