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"MKS Instruments believe that CPACT will enable us to expand our process monitoring and control activities by providing access to partners for collaboration in new applications.

We also feel that the organization will help highlight applications where yield, process efficiency and quality improvements can benefit from the introduction of process monitoring.

Furthermore, we are keen to draw upon expertise from different industries for guidance on a number of issues, including compliance with regulations governing the use of our products in new applications."

Tim Robinson

About Sartorius-Stedim Data Analytics

MKS Instruments is a market leader in instruments, components and integrated sub-systems for semiconductor and related industries.

Its main product groups include pressure & flow measurement & control, power & reactive gas supply, vacuum technology and gas analysis. MKS also offers products for system control, data collection and process yield improvement.

As one of the company's initiatives outside of the semiconductor market, the Advanced Mass Spectrometry Group was formed in the UK to produce high performance mass spectrometer systems for process monitoring in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industries.

MKS is also able to draw upon products and expertise from other areas of its organisation including the field of Chemometrics (multivariate analysis) and FTIR spectroscopy.

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