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We are delighted to be a member of the CPACT community, where we will be able to work together in the PAT space to leverage our mutual skills and knowledge, and for our part where we and our customers will have access to a skill, knowledge and research base that can help develop novel processes and techniques to the benefit of all.

Martin Gadsby

About Optimal Industrial Technologies Ltd

Optimal as a group has been operating for over 32 years, and we have been involved in PAT and the development of synTQ for nearly 20 years.  The business is now split into two separate companies – the automation company being Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd. and the products company being Optimal Industrial Technology Ltd.  OIT is focussed in the PAT space – especially around the data management and knowledge generation aspects.  Its key product - synTQ - is the real time, regulatory compliant collaboration tool that can interface between multiple disparate instruments (spectral and univariate), MVA packages, control systems, historians, LIMS plus other 3rd party systems and enable the generation of timely quality predictions, and then in turn enable closed loop control based on product quality.  It is scalable from a small stand-alone application through to an integrated, global, multi-site system with centralised data management.  synTQ is supplied, supported and is in use globally with an extremely large installed base from the laboratory through to full GMP manufacture.  Both small and large molecule products plus batch and continuous processes are all benefitting from the real time quality generation and closed loop control offered by synTQ.  Used by over 50% of the leading pharmaceutical companies, synTQ has a proven track record of delivering extremely impressive quality and Return on Investment figures.

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Web https://optimal-ltd.co.uk/
Web https://www.syntq.com/

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Martin Gadsby

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