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"CPACT provides a useful user forum in which to network, understand “end user requirements” and explore collaborative development projects, particularly in the Pharmaceutical sector. In particular we will look to CPACT partners to provide expertise in analytical instrumentation, a broader view of the Pharmaceutical supply chain and hopefully collaborative project opportunities in the field of process monitoring and control."

About Perceptive Engineering

Perceptive Engineering Ltd is one of a select number of companies, which exploit model based engineering techniques to achieve improvements in Industrial performance.

The application of model based controllers in conjunction with Statistical Process Monitoring in a real time environment is an innovative use of two existing technologies that assists industrial manufacturers achieve improved performance.

Our product, PerceptiveAPC suite consists of five software packages:

  • ArchitectMV
  • MonitorMV
  • SimulateMV
  • ControlMV and
  • BatchMV.

These packages have been developed to tackle the manufacturing and process challenges faced by our customers.

In addition, Perceptive Engineering has developed PharmaMV, to meet the specific demands of the pharmaceutical sector. The software satisfies the requirements of 21CFR Part 11 and provides modelling, data validation, PAT sensor integration and predictive process control. The software has also been selected and approved by Siemens for the SIPAT platform.

WaterMV has also been released, providing data management, process monitoring, real-time predictive control and plant optimisation for the water and wastewater sector. The programme is designed to reduce energy, maintain or improve treated water quality, make process data more robust, and improve operational decision support.

NutriMV has been created for the nutritional and dairy sector, to increase product yield and minimise waste or re-worked material.  Faster, more consistent asset start-up and shut down also enables more agile manufacturing.

CPACT related research interests

Company profile:

UK headquarters, office in Singapore serving Asia Pacific, global reach

Independent provider of Advanced Process Control software and solutions

Robust GAMP-compliant QMS including project management and software development

Audited and approved by blue-chip companies in nutritional and pharmaceutical sectors

Applications and Expertise:

Data-driven, model-based predictive control and optimisation of manufacturing and treatment assets

Signal validation and reconstruction for robust control and increased reliability of dashboard / management reports

Visualisation and interpretation of complex data sets

Inferential ‘soft’ sensors to support, supplement or replace hardware measurement

Predictive diagnostics for early warning of abnormal or sub-optimal operation

Monitoring, control and optimisation of continuous processes, including multi-unit manufacturing or treatment plants (site-wide optimisation)

Monitoring, control and optimisation of batch processes, included batch trajectory control and batch end-point control

Control room decision support

Minimised waste / re-work from existing assets

Increased yield / throughput from existing assets

Minimised energy consumption – reduction of carbon footprint

Process training simulators

Live KPI reporting

Off-line assessment to identify and quantify lost opportunity and define the techniques and tools needed to capture lost opportunity

R&D expertise in leading-edge manufacturing techniques



Crystallisation processes (batch and continuous)

Dairy / nutritional powders (milk, whey, casein, formula)

Steel / metals

Pulp and papermaking

Water and wastewater treatment

Consumer packaged goods

Process Assets:


Spray dryers

Crystallisation – batch and continuous



Paper / board machines

Recycled fibre / deinking

Steam distribution systems

Batch reactors

Anaerobic digestion – heat, steam, electricity generation

Water / wastewater treatment and recycling

General contact information

Telephone 01925 607 150
Fax 01925 607 161

CPACT contact information

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