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“CPACT membership offers tec5 the chance to interact with other experienced professionals involved in Process Analytics and Control within their businesses and  through CPACT Projects.

We look forward to developing new relationships to further our knowledge and opportunities in all areas.  We are currently involved in UV-Vis, Raman, NIR and integrated process systems and look forward to expanding those areas as new application areas and technologies are introduced into process.”

Hanns S. Eckhardt, Product Manger Systems

About tec5

With a vision to provide high quality spectroscopic solutions for a multitude of applications, our five founders established the company in 1993. Today, tec5 operates worldwide with subsidiaries in the USA and UK; global representatives are positioned to better serve local markets.

As an industry leading company in UV–VIS, NIR and Raman spectroscopy with an established focus on market needs and customer requirements, tec5 specializes in research, development and manufacturing of components and systems.

Focusing on industrial diode array spectroscopy – for use in 24/7 applications we offer a wide product range from PC-based OEM electronics and to complete spectrometer systems.

We are looking forward to discuss your demands for following spectral measurement techniques:

  • UV/VIS and NIR

Our process software is modular and can be extended to:

  • Chemometric modules
  • MultiChannel operation
  • Process Communication interfaces

We can support you to bring your spectrometer systems into harsh environments

  • Mobile Applications
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature
  • Ex-Environment

We specialize in getting the best signal stability for our customers, this includes:

  • Dedicated Timing

Embedded Spectroscopy

General contact information

Telephone +49 6171 9758-0
email h.eckhardt@tec5.com
Web http://www.tec5uk.com

CPACT contact information

Please note that this contact information is for CPACT related enquiries only.

Mr Hanns S. Eckhardt

Telephone +49 6171 9758-35
email h.eckhardt@tec5.com
Website htpp://www.tec5uk.com

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