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Process Analytics and Control Technology is the key for operating processes efficiently and environmentally friendly. As a member of CPACT, we are part of a unique multidisciplinary and international network. Together with our partners in academia and industry we are working for a sustainable future. 

Johannes Kiefer

About University of Bremen

The division Technische Thermodynamik at the University of Bremen is offering a unique breadth and diversity in applied spectroscopy. We have expertise in a large variety of optical and spectroscopic methods that allow a comprehensive characterization of a given material or process. The techniques include vibrational spectroscopy (Raman and IR), absorption spectroscopy (UV, visible, NIR), dynamic light scattering, fluorescence spectroscopy, non-linear optical methods (CARS, LIGS), and others. In addition, we develop and apply methods for data processing and evaluation including chemometrics, complex shearlets, etc.

CPACT related research interests

•    Raman Spectroscopy

•    Infrared Spectroscopy

•    UV-Vis Spectrometry

•    Laser Induced Fluorescence

•    Dynamic light scattering

•     Static Light Scattering

•     Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

•     Multicomponent Analysis

•     Data Processing, Chemometrics

•     Shearlet and wavelet analysis

•     Thermophysical properties

General contact information

Telephone +49 (0) 421 218 64777
Fax +49 (0) 421 218 64771
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Professor Johannes Kiefer

Professor Johannes Kiefer
Telephone +49 (0) 421 218 64777
Fax +49 (0) 421 218 64771

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