Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester

An Introduction to Process Control for Scientists, Chemists and Pharmacists

The course will provide an overview of closed loop process control for scientists and engineers that have no background in process control and automation. Sufficient knowledge will be provided to allow delegates to appreciate the scope of process control techniques and the challenges that need to be considered when implementing process control strategies within a PAT and QbD environment. The topics will include classical feedback control with process examples; feedforward and inferential control; multi-loop control; analytical feedback control; and will finish with a brief overview of more advanced control systems now being applied. Industrial case studies will be used.

11:45-12:00 Course registration

12:00-13:00  Lunch

13:00-15:00  The Building Blocks of Process Control: An Introduction to Feedback Control, Proportional Control (P); Proportional + Integral Control (PI),  Proportional + Integral + Derivative Control (PID) Control

15:00-15:20  Tea/coffee

15:20-18:00  Multi-loop Control Systems: Cascade Control; Ratio Control; Feedforward Control; Model Based Predictive Control; Inferential Measurement & Software Sensors

This course will be facilitated by Prof Julian Morris, CPACT's Technical Director.

The courses will be open to conference delegates as an additional option at a reduced rate of £150, or may be attended on a ‘course only’ basis at a cost of £300.

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